A Sensitive Man’s Island

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When your sensitive child’s emotional well being is affected by something that happened at school and you are at your wits end.

As a parent you might think “what is it this time?”, because you already paid the school many visits in the last few months.

You tried everything…reasoning, being more assertive, asking the teacher for advice, plain listening, share from a curiosity perspective…and now you are glad that it seems to be over, at least more calm now.

You felt the difference in the way your child greeted you after school.

The non verbal language of your child is…

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“Although, I share with others that I am a sensitive man, I can still feel the need to act like a rooster amongst other men at times…and I hate myself for it.

I visualise myself being calm, serene and totally accepting of myself and then I fall into the behaviour again upon arriving at the scene.

It is not who I actually am, and I don’t even appreciate that behaviour in other men.

Sometimes I even judge others for it, why on earth do I feel the need to act this way?

It feels so far out of alignment.


What do our highly sensitive teenagers and Keanu Reeves have in common?

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Keanu Reeves already said it…

“I always felt like I’m not not from this generation, I just live in it. Because the way my mindset differs from the majority, you’d think I come from a different dimension. That’s why I keep things to myself because a lot of people won’t understand me”.

In fact, these pronunciations are already being spoken by our sensitive youth.

Many are so wise and thoughtful and yet have to find their way in a society that is often not that at all.


A day

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Just when you thought you finally had it all under control.

All figured out.

When you realized it was a long time ago you felt this high in your energy.

You also made more progress than usual with your tasks.

You agreed to have that difficult conversation that you were not looking forward to.

With a lot of effort you stood your ground and that took all the energy you had for that day.

That was for you, a sensitive person, already okay and more than fine.

You might have even felt a bit proud of yourself that…

How are the button for Batman’s phone and leaving a Legacy related?

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A Legacy is something that you leave within others. In fact, you do it every day.

When you speak with someone you are already leaving a legacy. That can be a positive or maybe less positive experience for you or the other person, or all in between. It isn’t always a tangible materialistic that you would describe as the thing that is a legacy. Hmm…what feeling does that give you?

Besides advocating for the hsp children in education, spreading awareness for and about sensitive men, getting talented sensitive…

Highly sensitive teens ‘feeding’ themselves with eating disorders.

I know this blog title sounds counterintuitive and yet can feel true to so many highly sensitive teens and their caring, observing parents.

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When a parent of a highly sensitive teen is not a highly sensitive person themselves, it can especially be difficult to understand their complex inner world.

Sometimes, these sensitive children also don’t open up with the sensitive parent who ‘feels’ their needs by nature.

Don’t take it personally, your teen might mentally carry the world on their shoulders and that sometimes shows in their non- verbal language by lowering…

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Imagine a party, you are standing around other guys, trying to fit in.

You might admire that the other men talk freely and that is something that you would also like to be able to do.

The pressure of expectations are felt and you might know that you don’t think in the same ways.

In the first place you might wonder what you are doing there anyway, because you find the monosyllabic things that are discussed shallow or superficial and above all a huge waste of your time.

You just don’t dig these types of conversations, you long for deep…

When parents are stuck in deciding something and don’t ask for help.

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The last months were probably interesting for you as a family, especially for sensitive parents.

Having more people present in your house during the day and maybe not always having a form of me- time or me- space can be extremely challenging.

Not all parents felt this way, for some it was the ‘ideal’ situation for their family.

Some of the parents that I spoke to shared the following, “ We ate less healthy, experienced even more overthinking, higher stress, less qualitative good sleep and sometimes less movement…

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Siena, Italy 2020

I will never forget that moment when I first came in contact with the term ‘new age’ children.

I can still picture myself sitting there, at a lecture in a church, and KNOWING from that moment on that I would teach about the subject of sensitive people.

It was not a lightbulb moment, it was a strong knowing…in total faith.

That specific evening, around 22 years ago, had changed my life.

Of course life gives you what you have to learn, life happens, in order to fulfil your purpose on earth and for me it resulted in helping highly sensitive…

Susanne de Munck Mortier

Founder www.internationalhspcenter.com: Coaching, Education, Activities for Highly Sensitive Children, Teens and adults. Email internationalhspcenter@gmail.com.

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