Susanne de Munck Mortier
2 min readJan 7, 2021


4 dilemmas parents can have when something happens at school.

When your sensitive child’s emotional well being is affected by something that happened at school and you are at your wits end.

As a parent you might think “what is it this time?”, because you already paid the school many visits in the last few months.

You tried everything…reasoning, being more assertive, asking the teacher for advice, plain listening, share from a curiosity perspective…and now you are glad that it seems to be over, at least more calm now.

You felt the difference in the way your child greeted you after school.

The non verbal language of your child is so much more joyful and open to the world.

What a relieve, you can feel the difference in your shoulders, also in the way you feel when you drop your child off at school.

Sometimes, just when you think it is all under control, something new happens that you have to deal with and you have the feeling that it starts all over again.

“Here we go again.”

Together with parents, we explore the situation and try to find balance in advocating for their child in the education system.

Here are 4 dilemmas that can ruminate in a parent’s mind-

1) Parents want to know how to avoid ending up in a teacher- parent- child dispute.

2) Parents sometimes also wonder when to “fight” harder or if their performance might have been too assertive.

3) A conversation with a teacher ended up in an argument and parents wonder how to mend it.

4) Where is the line in advocating for your child and in letting your child solve the situation to their best abilities before stepping in?

Dilemma number 4 can feels risky when your child already shows signs of depression.

When you recognise the following, please know that you are not the only parent who is having these internal questions and doubts.

Don’t blame yourself…

Reach out for support or attend the Masterclass ‘How to support your sensitive child’s needs in education’ to work preventively, gain clarity and calm in mind.