A Sensitive Man’s Island

A tall man sat in front of me, being really annoyed by me.

I was messing with his thinking during his private retreat with me in Italy.

He was resolute “No, I am not leaving my island…never.”

To provide clarity to him I asked to create a visual lay out of his daily life with only his hands, sand and other materials.

He created an island for himself, and the material that represented his family looked at him from the ‘main land’.

This was very accurate, because during his burn out the couch became his island.

A private island is actually pretty good, you feel less rejection, no judgment and you don’t hear the hardly ever positive news.

Why would you ever want to leave your private island, right?!

However, after a while you wonder why your inner circle reacts differently to your ‘presence’.

The non verbal language accompanies the worried look in their partners eyes.

You feel more disappointed in yourself by the day.

This can happen to everyone, he happened to be a high performer with a large team.

Usually an ultimatum follows, “because you don’t listen”.

It requires deep inner work to leave an island that was your safe haven for a few years.

He is now thriving, also at the next level he desired, expanded his business, simplified daily life and most importantly…

Standing at the ‘main land’ accompanied by his loving family with his back to his private island.

This is also possible for you!

Contact Susanne at internationalhspcenter@gmail.com.



Founder www.internationalhspcenter.com: Coaching, Education, Activities for Highly Sensitive Children, Teens and adults. Email internationalhspcenter@gmail.com.

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