Susanne de Munck Mortier
4 min readSep 2, 2020

How are the button for Batman’s phone and leaving a Legacy related?

A Legacy is something that you leave within others. In fact, you do it every day.

When you speak with someone you are already leaving a legacy. That can be a positive or maybe less positive experience for you or the other person, or all in between. It isn’t always a tangible materialistic that you would describe as the thing that is a legacy. Hmm…what feeling does that give you?

Besides advocating for the hsp children in education, spreading awareness for and about sensitive men, getting talented sensitive men and women from being overwhelmed into a state of empowerment, there is a whole other group that I also really like working with.

Do you remember the button for Batman’s red phone? When Robin pressed the button he had privileged access to Batman in case of urgent matters in the world. That is the way that I work with the deep creative achievers, who usually already perform and lead at a higher level. In fact, when you would look at them you might wonder what else they need when it seems there is no ‘lack’ of anything in their lives.

Especially this thought and oftentimes statement, is what is withholding this group from forming an even bigger Legacy within others and following their purpose.

Sometimes the feeling of guilt comes into the picture. What ruminates frequently is the following: “You already have everything in life, and you should be grateful for that, why do you want even more?”.

My clients often think and feel that when they ask for more in life, that they would lose other things or people that are very dear to them in another part of life. As a reminder, the fear of the unknown and the imposter syndrome, but also the fear of success comes peeking around the corner and says hello.

To society it might seem like you have it all, you did all that was expected accordingly, even to your age. You still feel that the way your life is now is just not that, let’s say, fulfilling enough. At first you didn’t realise that it is the feeling of not being fulfilled.

It starts with looking for things outside of yourself. Until one day, you realize that you became a shadow in your own life. That can take form in buying self development courses or books, that you probably won’t even finish and then they’ll be blinking at you from the bookshelf. Meanwhile you might be disliking the feeling of not completing things and you feel that you’re lacking in some department, the circle just isn’t quite complete.

Despite the fact that you are grateful for all your achievements and it took you a lot of effort to maintain this level of life, your gut feeling says there must be more to life. In fact, you know that there is more to life.

You read about other people who made a big significant difference in their life, because they started to define and customize personal success and made that change.

You also want to do that, but for you it seems so much harder to stay consistent, persistent and disciplined with this burning conscience that you have.

At times your frustration and verbal outbursts surprise you, and it influences your physical state by having something ‘nibbling inside your body’.

Your soul is whispering to you to fulfill your purpose, to listen to the whispers of your calling and act on it. Sometimes that whisper is translated into a bomb that has to explode because you still won’t listen…until you have a good thinking session and possibly bang your head against the wall and say…

“How many signs do I need to get in order to do something about…..” whatever that might be for you… that is something that only you yourself know.

Don’t condemn yourself for that…usually life has to happen because these experiences are extremely important to define your purpose, to pursue your mission and then completing the legacy that you know you fully want to complete in life.

Life granted you these breakdowns, because when you are on that journey of pursuing your calling you know that you don’t name these breakdowns… but breakthroughs.

That is where I come in with the S- phone and support you all the way. For a minimum of a year (usually two years) we work close, in person when you visit Tuscany (Italy) and of course also virtually, while you work on your Legacy that will create a valuable ripple effect and make a difference in the world.

When these brave sensitive people make progress whilst having the privilege of witnessing them leaving the Legacy they intended to leave within others into this world… ‘it sparks me so much joy’.

Are you on your way to leave behind the legacy that you know is meant for you?