Susanne de Munck Mortier
2 min readJan 6, 2021

“I can still feel the need to act like a rooster amongst other men at times”

“Although, I share with others that I am a sensitive man, I can still feel the need to act like a rooster amongst other men at times…and I hate myself for it.

I visualise myself being calm, serene and totally accepting of myself and then I fall into the behaviour again upon arriving at the scene.

It is not who I actually am, and I don’t even appreciate that behaviour in other men.

Sometimes I even judge others for it, why on earth do I feel the need to act this way?

It feels so far out of alignment.

It makes me feel sick at times, and it disgusts me.

Very disappointed in myself afterwards, actually already disappointed when I pronounce the words that are going out of my mouth during the act”

I have wonderful sensitive male clients, and sometimes they can tend to be a bit hard on themselves.

Focussing on the few % of your actions that are not going well makes you want to condemn yourself at times.

It would be a lot easier for sensitive men if the image of ‘a real man’ wouldn’t be so disturbed by our upbringing and society.

A display of a wider variety of men in the media doesn’t hurt anyone.

And by that I mean an authentic representation of a man, because…

Newsflash, also sensitive men can become extremely irritable and are not 24/7 busy being kind.

Also non highly sensitive men cry and can live by admirable steadfast values.

In history you can find examples of sensitive intuitive men who were assigned to be leaders, because they were so perceptive.

Now it is up to us to support our sons, brothers, partners, friends and colleagues.

In a way that these talented men are not going to feel the need to put on a mask as a survival strategy, in order to feel ‘good enough’ and to ‘belong somewhere’.