The US education alarm bells are clinging the loudest in education, and that should be a wake up call for the rest of the world.

Susanne de Munck Mortier
2 min readApr 25


In politics we hear all about the climate crisis.

In the stock market world we hear about the financial crisis.

In the technological world we hear about the dangers of Ai, which could become a serious crisis.

In the educational world we hear about how well the Finnish education system is doing which I am pleased to hear of course, but I don’t witness people declaring with such conviction and this loudly about the incredible fallout that is currently happening in education.

The US education alarm bells are clinging the loudest, and that should be a wake up call for the rest of the world.

I am not talking about the fallout after the pandemic, but the large number of students that are leaving education…for so many reasons.

Often because they have experienced not being seen, heard and understood.

Let alone.. acknowledged.

Or simply, because it wasn’t emotionally or physically safe anymore.

Despite teachers and school leaders doing their absolute best, while trying to avoid a personal burn-out.

It is deeply sad to hear parent’s, school staff and children’s stories about their experiences and the sad long term consequences this immense fallout can have in adult life.

I am not pro public, pro private, pro homeschooling, pro unschooling and all in between.

I am ‘pro- whatever works for your child in this moment’.

So that they stay eager and open to learn with curiosity.

This generation will become the foundation for the next.

Is our current form of society and education ready to serve and support them accordingly?

My prediction is not positive and I hope I will be so incredibly wrong.

Meanwhile I profoundly keep assisting as many parents with highly sensitive children, who are momentarily emotionally challenged and feel that they are in crisis within education.

Next to my Legacy work with adults.

Where do you find yourself in this process?



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